Service Commitment

At Muskoka Ambulance Communication Service (ACS), we are committed to providing an efficient and cost-effective Communication Service that protects the principles of a seamless, integrated, accountable, accessible and responsive system of pre-hospital medical transportation.  We will help our employees maintain not only current approved Qualifications and Communication skills, but will also encourage them to use extraordinary people skills in providing service to you and your family.

Provision of a Staffing compliment for Muskoka ACS, approved by the Province as follows:

24 hours per day
7 days per week
5 days per week
 1248 hrs yearly
One (1) Dispatcher (ACO1)
One (1) Call Taker (ACO1)
One (1) Supervisor (ACO2)
One (1) Manager of Operations
 One (1) PT Manager

Muskoka ACS shall:

… Perform in accordance with the Act, the Regulation, the Manual of Practice and the Communication Service Performance Agreement.

… Provide call taking, call assignment and dispatch function related to the dispatching of Land Ambulance Services, in accordance with Legislation, the Deployment Plan and the Manual of Practice for Ambulance Communications Officers.

… Ensure employment of only qualified Communications Officers

… Participate with all stakeholders in the development of contingency plans, agreements and protocols necessary to determine appropriate patient destinations & non emergency patient transfers, while maintaining adequate local emergency coverage.

… Maintain communication equipment as per the Performance Agreement

In accordance with Regulation 257/00, & the Manual of Practice, the 90th percentile is measured and reported on all Code 4 calls. 

Through state of the art computer aided dispatching (CAD), radio and telephone equipment, Code 4 Emergency calls are answered and dispatched in accordance with the 90th percentile within two minutes or less.  Also, Communications Officers provide pre-arrival instructions (PAI) that includes first aid as well as telephone assisted CPR and choking protocols.  Our Ambulance Communication Officers coordinate the scheduling and movement of ambulances for emergencies as well as local and long distance non-emergency patient transfers.  Emergency and non emergency calls are also coordinated with Ornge Communications Centre for rotary and fixed wing air ambulance resources.

Judy Moore, ACS Manager

Revised: October 8, 2020